Dr Michael Puchowicz MD is a board certified sports medicine physician currently practicing in Arizona. Dr P (as he is known) serves as the primary Team Physician for Division I Cross-Country and Track and Field at Arizona State University as well as Head Team Physician for the Intercollegiate Club Sports program. He is an adjunct professor of pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Scottsdale and is the director of the sports medicine resident rotation at ASU. He has consulted internationally on anti-doping programs including Por Un Ciclismo Etico and serves as the Head of Science for World Clean Sports Organization. His research interests include mathematical modelling of sports performance and the neuro-biomechanic mechanisms of overuse injury. He is certified in bike fit through the Serotta International Cycling Institute. Dr P has written Velonews and Outside on the topics of cycling performance and anti-doping. Currently, his competitive focus is on ultra-endurance mountain bike events. He is USA cycling category 1 on the mountain bike and category 3 on the road.


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