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Accessing the Golden Cheetah OpenData

This post is a first for what I hope will be a productive new direction for sharing my tinkering and research. I have over the past month or so dove back into Python and am learning how to use Jupyter notebooks and Github. For those not in the familiar (such as me up until very recently) Jupyter notebooks are a hybrid between an internet browser and integrated development environment. The purpose seems to be that you can share both the underlying code and the output one user and internet friendly way. For someone coming from zero computer science or data science background the process is a bit uv a muther-fugger but is doable with the help of internet searches, free moocs, and generosity of people willing to help one through some really dumb/embarrassing and time consuming mistakes (see my reported (non) Рissue for the OpenData library).

The idea behind sharing:

  1. The Golden Cheetah OpenData project is intended to foster open collaboration.
  2. My personal progress has always been far faster when I’ve engaged the Flock for feedback.
  3. Maybe what I do will be useful to someone else.

Below is a Github gist of the notebook I am working on in order to access the OD ride files to set up a data set for subsequent analysis.